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Nov 8, 2012 11:30am PST
commissioner for that feedback. >> thank you very much. vice chair avalos. >> thank you. just a couple questions related to the outreach efforts. we talk about opt out but not necessarily opt in that we had in the side conversation. i think it's a great opportunity. i think using us for the opt in process and i think both in opt in and opt out social media is going to be really helpful and i know we have used social media in relation to cleanpower sf but it hasn't been robust and i think there are ways of making it very useful and i think those are strategies that we can employ. >> thank you. we would be very open to spending a little time with our communication folks and yourselves and/or the staff to mind the good ideas you have to reach out to your communities. i refer to as reenrollment and the opt in concept and people can raise their hand "i'm interested" and let us know so that we include them in the first phrase of the roll out. >>i think the joint meeting would be great and especially on the subject of opting in and have discussion on that as well. >> yes. great. thank
Nov 27, 2012 1:30pm PST
to the city. i want to also thank supervisor john avalos and he being a very strong advocate and working together on local hire we have been able to set course and ordinance for city funded projects that i think have been leading the nation in getting local people hired. at the same time i also want to acknowledge supervisor jane kim whose district this arena is being planned for and hopefully constructed on. and take the quality time it takes for all the environmental aspects of this project to be put forth and i -- thank you supervisor. as you know i emphasized job creation in the city being so incredibly important for both the present and the future, and as our economy continues to sign signs of improvement i'm not going to forget where the jobs go and for the people in terms of hope for the city and of course working with laborers, with our construction contractors, with the labor council. tim is here together as well and mike and working with everybody we have unprecedented announcement today and 100% locally financed project close to $500 million of private investment signifyin
Nov 12, 2012 2:30pm PST
that you're suggesting commissioner avalos, and see if there is a general agreement that that's the type of approach you would like to see, and then we can go back working with our consultant to develop a more targeted focused program given that feedback. thank you. >> thank you very much. commissioner olague. >> yes. i will confirm you probably be partnering with community based organizationos this. who are some of them, just curious? >> i rely on the external affairs folks for that, but we reached out to your offices and asked for input. we reached out to the mayor's office on neighborhood services. we have a list of community organizations that the puc worked with his historically. >> we will assist however we can obviously. >> jason has made presentations -- i want to say -- >> lafco and puc staff over two years now gone to over a hundred community groups for presentations and street fairs. it's not as recent. we are kicking back up into that and why you have the fliers and that is temporary and it wasn't representing what was current and we want something out there now while w
Nov 12, 2012 12:00am PST
for covering the meeting today. madam clerk if you could please call the role. >> commissioner avalos. present. commissioner olague absent. commissioner mar, present. commissioner pimentel. commissioner schmeltzer. >> present. >> there is a quorum. >> thank you very much. if you could call item two. >> item two is the minutes from the special meeting. >> do you have the minutes of the meeting? before we take any action i would like to ep it up to public comment. any member of the public that would like to speak to item two? seeing none public comment is closed. colleagues do we have a motion? we have a motion by commissioner avalos and second by commissioner schmeltzer. if we could take that without objection. madam clerk will you please call item three. >> item three is reports and update on cleanpower sf and update on the california puv, suggestions for items to be discussed at the last meeting. >> our executive officer nancy miller. >> yes nancy miller through the chairs. we have waiting for sf puc staff. >> shall we come back to this item? >> why don't we do that and see if anyon
Nov 12, 2012 12:30am PST
. commissioner avalos. >> i think perhaps just having real brief understanding of what the opposition would be and how we might be able to move forward, cognizant of what the opposition looks like and the strategy at the early stage expect to have in place. i don't mean opposition from people who do not sign up for the program or who would opt out, but from the pg&e of the world and other groups. >> and on that note one question that i had was whether or not at some point -- i don't know if it's something that should be done at a joint meeting, but maybe it's something that could be looked at here at lafco, but it's the idea of what were some of the challenges that marin for instance faced as they were implementing their program? i don't know if that is something that could be a part of a presentation to the joint two bodies. i don't know if you have thoughts about that. >> i do have one thought about that. don't forget since marin launched their program working together with marin, senator leno proposed legislation that includes a code of contact for caa's and the under lying utility so
Nov 20, 2012 3:30pm PST
's all. so i can't support it. i just don't support it. >> president chiu: supervisor avalos. >> supervisor avalos: thank you, president chiu. i can appreciate supervisor wiener's wanting to bring this forward as an issue. i think that he's received a lot of commentary about it over the years. and it seems like it's one issue that yu yud want to act on. i felt if this is an,( tfç issuu act on that it can backfire in lots of different ways. i am concerned about civil rights, i'm concerned about free speech, i'm concerned about just changing san francisco's style and how we are as a city. and it's something that's very troubling to me to see that. we're a city that actually had -- the publication of city life that naked lunch came out there was a ban about that. the city looks at free speech and expression, we're a beacon of light to other places around the country and sometimes there's weirdness about how we express ourselves but i think that is what is great about san francisco. i have something teed up that i was saving for before, for chris daly when he used the f word in
Nov 20, 2012 4:30pm PST
a motion as described seconded by supervisor olague. on the motion to amend, supervisor avalos. >> supervisor avalos: thank you, president chiu. i will be supporting this amendment. it makes much sense because i was very concerned that the original resolution overturned probably a year's work, i think longer than a year's work, of the, you know, hundreds of young people who worked, organized across san francisco, to get a policy of free muni for youth, at least for low income youth. i believe that at one point i remember the author of this resolution had discussed well why don't we make it for low income youth and we can support free muni for low income youth and now we have a resolution that pretty much says this should only be used for maintenance. so i'm really happy to support amendments that include, you know, prioritizing free muni for low income youth and maintenance. needed to actually help bring up the next generation of muni users. i know we talk about effectiveness all the time, and i think that there could be no other effective way of making sure that young people a
Nov 10, 2012 11:00am PST
voted. madam clerk, could you please call the roll. >> clerk calvillo: supervisor avalos, present. supervisor campos, present. president chiu, present. supervisor chu, absent. supervisor cohen, present supervisor elsbernd, present. supervisor ferrell, present. supervisor kim, present. supervisor mar, present. supervisor olague, present. supervisor wiener, present. supervisor chu, present. mr. president, all members are present. >> president chiu: thank you. ladies and gentlemen, could you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> president chiu: colleagues, we have our october 2 board meeting minutes. a motion to approve those meetings? mar and avalos. those are approved. any communication? >> clerk calvillo: there are no communications, mr. president. >> president chiu: and no consent agenda. go to our regular agenda. item one. >> clerk calvillo: ordinance amending the planning code radarring signage
Nov 14, 2012 7:30pm PST
of the cac -- not all had concerns and sent that letter. >> that's correct. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you. a quick question for probably jennifer matz or -- not sure. jennifer is probably best to answer it. >> jennifer. >> it is -- just a quick question. one of the discussions going forward about this project is looking at projections for events. warrior's games, concerts, family events that are going on. the proposal is 205 events each year. i'm wondering how realistic that is. we are not saying -- you know, there are any venues around the bay area or the country that actually have this many combination of sports and other events. has there been like -- you know, when vegas first started they signed a contract with allegedly frank sinatra and dean martin to actually bring. we have acts set up for the warriors? >> i can let rick speak directly to what the warriors have been doing in order to talk to event promoters. what i think is important to note is that 205 events runs the gam mot of the different size of shows. from as small as 4,000 to 5,000 to as large as full capacity for bask
Nov 20, 2012 12:00pm PST
know supervisor avalos we have been through that and in the publicly funded projects they wait until the end to say whether they can do anything, but with people's help we are doing this at the front end of the warriors and their vision about why they came to san francisco at our invitation and what they're going to do with us in lifting up the economy, making sure people get those jobs and making sure that we do our part as well, so this 25% goal you will hear it because you ask anybody in any other part of the country whether new york, chicago, so forth you will find this to be one of the unique situations where private investors voluntarily want to do this with organized labor, with our partners in the community based organizations to say we will hold ourselves accountable to the 25% goal and get the veterans in at the same time. this is an incredible milestone. i want to celebrate it but it's a beginning of a long process and a process that i believe it have the season here in 2017 and that's why the t shirts and the pins. this is where we're goi want to thank everybody that is
Nov 23, 2012 7:00am PST
calvillo: on item 43, supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor campos, aye. president chiu, aye. supervisor chu, aye. supervisor cohen,ñkj4n absent. supervisor elsbernd, aye.pi"o supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor kim, aye. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor olague, aye. there are nine ayes. >> president chiu: resolution passes. and why don't we go to our imperative agenda, madam clerk. >> clerk calvillo: on behalf of supervisor chu for resolution recognizing the grand reopening of the sunset recreation center and commending the project team of san francisco rec and park and the department of public works forf ]w hard work and commitment to san francisco and its residents. >> president chiu: take that one first. colleagues, we have a resolution from supervisor chu. i believe it's -- it has the requisite commendatory finding as well as brown act finding. it's been seconded by supervisor elsbernd. let me ask if there are members of public that wish to speak on this imperative item. seeing none -- you're welcome to speak on the imperative item which is a resolution around -- madam clerk it's the s
Nov 24, 2012 3:30am PST
pause. we spent a lot of time as you brought up this morning supervisor avalos during the america's cup event authority lookinging at that pier in more detail and we determined there is an expensive proposition to remove, let alone try to rehabilitate it. it is sitting pier for us. as mentioned naturally deep berth. that is the whole reason the port exists on the western side is because we have naturally deep berths and can take advantage of that for the benefit so it is important to us. next door we are building the brandon street war f, requiring removal of peer 36, also row inforced and the building of a new park. the entire cost is 32 million. when i think about this, it will achieve something since 1987, repair a blighted part and put it into economic use. two, removes significant liability for the port. we are investing little money with respect to commitments on the america's cup to ensure the promenade and pier remain attached in event of seismic event. we will get another berth we desperately need at a cost we currently cannot afford. it is clear from our projections that will
Nov 3, 2012 10:00am PDT
is there a motion to reopen public comment? motion by supervisor avalos. is there a second to that? second by supervisor kim. we reopen public comment. ma'am,. two minutes -- you have two minutes. >>> i'd like to dedicate this to people who have been victimized. i myself have been victimized on a regular basis. since i ran for office, horrendous bruising, horrendous taking away, my seizures that i get are a result of having been run over by a car suspiciously two blocks from my house when i [speaker not understood] breaking my back [speaker not understood]. no i have done what no one in this world has done, recovered from organic brain damage. [speaker not understood]. as a six-year old i twisted an ankle. when i seizure, i cannot walk. i am treated mercilessly by the paramedics, by the police. when i was in bus accidents as a result of the carnival of the giants game, people getting on the bus, there is no accommodation for me. there is no help for me in your society. where do i get anything? nothing. my possessions are being taken away on a regular basis. i live in a society where commun
Nov 20, 2012 2:30pm PST
forward with this in this direction. >> president chiu: supervisor avalos. >> supervisor avalos: thank you. this one is kind of troubling to me. i don't think i read the same memo in everyone else. i thought i lived in a efficiency unit. a family of four, 950 square feet and every inch of space is used. and we're just totally crammed in. i live in a district that is 6500 more people more dense than it was 10 years ago, and we have a number of houses that has efficiency units for the number of people who are crammed into them. and a great demand i see for housing is not something that i believe is really the kind of units that we're waiving the way here today. i do see that there are benefits for that and in certain parts of san francisco but i think over all this does not make a lot of sense to the san francisco that i know. i also know there are a lot of people who live in this city who are desperately trying to remain san franciscans representatives of this city, and are finding it difficult to be here because of the rising cost o of rent. i don't believe this is any kind of units being
Nov 21, 2012 12:30pm PST
campos' motion to amend. madam clerk. >> clerk calvillo: supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor campos, aye. president chiu, aye. supervisor chu, no. supervisor cohen, aye. supervisor elsbernd, no. supervisor farrell, no. supervisor kim, aye. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor olague, aye. supervisor wiener, no. there are seven ayes and four nos. >> president chiu: the motion passes. supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: eye will be -- since this is no longer the resolution that i actually authored and said the opposite of the resolution that i authored, i will be voting against thisv #çt resolution. >> president chiu: roll call vote on the underlying resolution as amended. >> clerk calvillo: on item 38 as amended, supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor campos, aye. president chiu, aye. supervisor chu, no. supervisor cohen, aye. supervisor elsbernd, no. supervisor farrell, no. supervisor kim, aye. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor olague, aye. supervisor wiener, no. there are seven ayes and four nos. >> president chiu: the resolution is adopted as amended. colleagues, we already adopted item 39.
Nov 15, 2012 10:30am PST
is supervisor john avalos, joined to my right by the vice chair, supervisor olague and supervisor eric mar. the clerk today is erica davis. >> please make sure to silence all cell phones and electronic devices, completed speaker cards and copies of any documents to be included in the file should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will occur on the december 4 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> i want to recognize the sfgtv staff working on this committee. madam clerk, could you please call item 1. >> item no. 1, resolution urging the metropolitan transportation commission of the state legislature to strengthen the privacy provisions of personal information of the clipper card program. >> thank you, madam clerk. this is an item that i have called forward and i want to thank my co-sponsors, supervisor chiu and supervisor olague, my committee members, for their co-sponsorship. this resolution has come out of recent media reports of the grave concerns about the clipper card privacy policy. after reviewing this issue further and discussing it with staff on
Nov 17, 2012 2:00am PST
, chairman, joined by vice chair supervisor avalos. we will be joined by supervisor kim shortly. our clerk is mr. victor young. do you have announcements? >> yes. silence all cell phones and electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the november 20th, 2012 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. during public comments please line up on the left side of the room by the windows. >> just a few announcements before we begin. i do want to thank our clerk, sfgtv and building management for helping us to put up the lighting. many folks in the room may know we did have an electrical fire yesterday. that resulted in a fire. which is why we have the lighting that is up. i want to ask all the members of the public here with us say thank you for your patience. just a few things. i know there is a glare or light directly in your face. unfortunately we are not able to move that. we need to light the podium so sfgtv will be able to pick up the image on television and show or broadcast that.
Nov 10, 2012 8:30am PST
avalos for a moment. >> i just want to concur with my colleagues. and they're ex tolling our poet laureate alejandro. i was hoping they would share with us a poem. i can't think of how you want want to miss this opportunity. you brought a poet out of [speaker not understood] which was actually very interesting. so, please come forward and share it with us. >>> i didn't bring a poem. oh, please, thank you, thank you. and i want to second what alejandro said about stressing the importance of arts in the schools. every time, when we introduce any subject about immigration, about family's lives, about what's happening in the world, especially right now in the world of baseball, it's exciting to everyone. but students love to write. they need to be able to express themselves. so, just -- in everything, consider every possible way you can support the arts. it ties together community in the same way sports teams do it. it makes everybody feel like they're alive and alive with everyone else. so, anyway, so, thank you. and thank you for having the district 11s contest. folk are coming to t
Nov 14, 2012 1:00pm PST
for probably the last ten years. big booster for the cruise terminal. first i want to thank supervisor avalos, supervisor chu and supervisor kim for their thoughtful comments. i think they are important. i think you have expressed what the cac was trying to express. i want to echo supervisor avalos's comments about the comments at 105 feet. i expect this project will ask for a variance, a favor from the city. favors come with a price. i think the economic driver is going to be what they build on seawall lot 330, including what they build on the pier. i want to say one other thing, i was taken by comments of the executive director of the port, monique. she acknowledged difficulties the port has been having developing this site. she focused on the port. never once in her comments did she say anything about the 6,000 residential units directly across the street and the thousands upon thousands of residents that are stake holders that have moved into this neighborhood, taken and put their money at risk in this neighborhood. that is an important element. that is why there is cac. i just want to ma
Nov 16, 2012 7:00am PST
. haley, i interrupt your presentation for a minute here. we've been joined by supervisor avalos. he has a board meeting shortly. supervisor avalos wants to say a few words. good afternoon, supervisor. >> good afternoon, director. thank you for giving me an opportunity to speak on balboa park capacity study. i really appreciate the many, many months and years of work that has been involved in looking at balboa park station. certainly we need to know how we can build a road map for improving the station and the people who use that station every day, passing through either on transit in their cars, on foot. definitely need improvements to be made there as quickly as possible. we had a hearing today in plans and programs, the transportation authority. we talked about the need for making improvements. we have timelines that are very tentative for moving the improvements forward. i'd like to think we can work more closely to make sure we can really put the meat on the bones as quickly as possible to make improvements to one of the most used transit hubs in the entire bay area region. that's w
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 316 (some duplicates have been removed)